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Today’s Jewish Day Schools are academic powerhouses that harness the intellectual rigor of Jewish learning traditions to shape a superior educational experience with a challenging curriculum, delivered by world-class teachers.

Jewish Day School students MAP scores are dramatically higher than at CPS schools

More than 96% of Jewish Day School students in Chicago score above the national average in reading (Compared to 86% of CPS students in the same catchment area).

More than 95% score above the national average in math (Compared to 79% of CPS students in the same catchment area).

Jewish Day Schools are recognized among the finest public and independent schools in the country

In the past five years, Solomon Schechter Day School was one of only ten elementary schools in the Northern Suburbs to receive the prestigious Blue Ribbon commendation.

The new rigorous PARCC exam shows 92% of suburban Jewish Day School students exceed or meet Grade 7 expectations in reading.

83% of suburban Jewish Day School students exceed or meet Grade 7 expectations in math, a greater percentage than in all Northern Suburban school districts.

#Passionate teachers create passionate students


Jewish Day School teachers get students ready for what’s next in life. Inside the classroom, teachers create a unique space for learning. They take a holistic look at each student while inspiring the best in everyone. They find relevant, authentic and many times artful ways to weave Jewish heritage into math, humanities, writing, reading and science.

Every day our teachers remind students that respect and compassion — for ourselves, our classmates, our community and those we have yet to meet — are the most important lessons of all

Faculty members at Chicago Jewish Day Schools have been awarded the William J. Fulbright Scholarship, Abbott Sigma Xi Elementary School Outstanding Science/Mathematics Teacher Award, Kohl-McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award, National Endowment for the Humanities grants, and Chicago Foundation for Education grants, among many other prestigious awards.

More than 70% of Jewish Day School teachers have advanced degrees, a significantly greater percentage than CPS teachers.

#Preparing the next generation of Jewish Leaders


By preparing students to excel in high school, college and beyond, Jewish Day Schools have become a blueprint for the next generation of academically prepared learners and leaders.

In the city of Chicago, where selective enrollment high schools are more competitive than Harvard, nearly 90% of Jewish Day School students who apply are accepted.

Jewish Day School alumni take more AP courses than CPS students and perform significantly better on the ACT.

As a percentage, more Jewish Day School alumni are recognized as National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists than CPS or North Suburban school students.

Jewish Day School alumni attend the nation's finest colleges and universities including the top 10 ranked colleges and universities in the country.

#Scholarship for the Soul


Jewish Day Schools intentional approach to Judaic studies is a critical thinking education, a heritage education, a cultural education, a morals education, a character education.

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